Designing attractive, engaging pages can reap major benefits in community engagement.


Webpage design can be broken into two main pieces: structure and style.

page structure

Layout govern the arrangement of cards on a page.  views govern the arrangement of each card's data (name, content, etc). Drilling down even further, you can use structure to govern the arrangement of a card's content.


The glue that holds these features together is nesting. Cards include cards include cards. A Layout card includes various cards, including the page's main card. Each inclusion specifies a views. If the card's content is part of the view and it includes other cards, then the process starts over again.


page style

At present, styling Decko websites requires directly editing CSS. This will soon change; follow the support skins ticket to stay abreast of the latest changes.


  • Start Ugly - an advantage of Decko's approach is that your webpages are functional long before they're finished.  Don't try to get everything polished and pretty before you've played around a bit.
  • Design for Comfort - website users tend to like to feel like they know where they are.  If the layout changes too much as they move around, they start feeling like they don't.
  • A Picture is Worth It - Images, even irrelevant ones, can wake up a page and improve readers' retention.


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