search not finding recent changes



On User Contributions, the taglist includes recent changes. But on recent changes, the tickets for item+*right+*structure Auto card isn't finding them. Also not showing up in the Related tab of recent changes.

Same issue with Friendlier Related tab and Related tab. In both cases, i think the tag was renamed.




The original post read:
They do appear with the "content"-based search of recent changes tickets (along with this card, which shouldn't appear!).
This card appears because the "match" currently always works on name and content -- the full text search index works that way now.  If there's not a ticket for that we should make one, but it's a known bug.

I took this out of the top listing because the issue clearly has something to do with the reference tracking -- not related to content.

Hard to test for sure, as i don't recall (if i ever knew) what if any special circumstances created references that were not found. However, i tagged a ticket with "polish" and it showed up okay, so i guess this is about ready to close.

Remaining question is whether we want to fix existing bad data via migration? See flaky finding of references+discussion.

  --John Abbe.....Wed Jul 23 23:52:49 -0700 2008