No More "Wagn the Dog"



Wagn 0.10 is faster, cleaner, and features some significant enhancements to our structure system.




Typical upgrade procedure for svn users:

  1. svn update
  2. sudo gem install ruby_openid
    sudo gem install cached_model
  3. rake db:migrate
  4. rake tmp:cache:clear
  5. restart mongrel

If you've set up a cache other than default file cache, you'll need to reset accordingly for step 4.

Templates renamed

What we were calling templates are now called forms, and we gave the two types separate names — that is, we ended use of +*template and replaced it with +*tform for type forms, and +*rform for right forms. See structure.



Once again it's a good time to review your permissions settings-- especially create permissions on cardtypes-- You may want anyone to create Basic and custom cardtypes, but you'll typically want to restrict creation of Script,Ruby,HTML, and perhaps Role and User as well.




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