table of contents

Wagn can use a card's headings to auto-generate a table of contents on any card, or any Set of cards using the *table of contents setting.







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Go to the rules of any card and click on "table of contents". Click the radio button for the Set you want to add or change the table of contents setting for, and enter the minimum number of headers you want to have turn on the table of contents (e.g., if you make it 3, then cards in that set with three or more headers will show a table of contents).


If you set it to 0 (zero), then no table of contents will be generated regardless of how many headers are in the card.


We've styled h1 headers to be roman numerals, and h2 headers to be upper case letters, but you can override this on *css, for example if you wanted numbers for h1, and lower-case letters for h2 (see the W3Schools documentation on list-style-type):

.table-of-contents ol {
list-style-type: decimal;
.table-of-contents ol ol {
list-style-type: lower-alpha;