Wikis let people create and edit web content online. For a fuller definition of "wiki" see Wikipedia, the world's most famous wiki and the world's largest encyclopedia.


Wagn deeply embraces the wiki spirit, and includes all the most common wiki features, like quick links, revision history, a recent changes page, and unique names.


But Wiki isn't just a bunch of features, it's a Way. Wiki communities have all kinds of different aims, strategies, and policies -- some let anyone edit, some have more restrictive permissions, but all embrace an approach to gathering and refining information designed to keep the software from getting in the way.


Wagn lets communities take wiki ideas further than they've ever gone before, allowing them to collaborate not just on simple content, but on data structures, reusing valuable information, and flexible formats. So you gather all the information you would on any wiki, but on Wagn you can organize, re-organize, and present it with ease.


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