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Pieter Vijfvinkel

Let me introduce myself. I studied business economics, worked 7 years for Digital Equipment and 12 years for TNT. Started programming at the university in Basic and Pascal. Ran into Ruby (on Rails) in 2007. Have always been intrigued with ‘Social Software’, especially wiki’s; since reading Vannevar Bush’s article on Memex and Apple’s Hypercard.  Implemented OpenWikiNG at TNT Post. Now working on a new Wiki implementation at different job. Major wiki selection criteria now: Ruby; that is how I ran into Wagn. Got Wagn running under Apache/Passenger, deploying from local Git server. Proceeding with the next step. (jl18 - )


- test: by update




Welcome! Looking forward to hearing more about what you make of/with it. --John Abbe

  --Pieter Vijfvinkel.....Tue Jul 07 13:16:50 -0700 2009

Thanks for your interest, I'll keep in touch.

  --Pieter Vijfvinkel.....Tue Jul 07 13:17:23 -0700 2009

I'have a couple of wiki's deployed using passenger 3.0; below the deploy.rb which I used succesfully. Still

there are a number of pitfalls you might need to overcome. By the way I use ln's to store the attachments in shared/system, this is better than in public because of future releases. In any case you want some additional info just place another comment on this page and I will reply.




set :application, "wagn"

#set :repository, ""

#set :server, ''

#set :repository, 'git://'

#set :repository, 'git://'

#set :repository, 'git://'

set :repository, 'git://'


#set :chmod755, %w(app config db lib public vendor script tmp public/dispatch.cgi public/dispatch.fcgi public/dispatch.rb)


#set :server, ''

set :server, ''

set :user, 'deploy'

set :runner, 'deploy'


set :scm, :git

#set :copy_strategy,:export

set :deploy_via, :copy

set :git_shallow_clone, :l

set :git_enable_submodules, 1

set :branch, 'master'

#set :deploy_via, :remote_cache


set :deploy_to, "/home/#{user}/rails/#{application}"

set :restart_file,"#{current_path}/tmp/restart.txt"




#set :use_sudo, false






set :use_sudo, false




role :app, ''

role :web, ''

role :db, '', :primary => true


namespace :deploy do

desc "Disable spinner"

task :start do; end


desc "Restart Passenger"

task :restart do

run "touch #{restart_file}"



task :symlink_shared do

run "ln -nfs #{shared_path}/config/database.yml #{release_path}/config/database.yml"

run "ln -nfs #{shared_path}/system/card_files #{release_path}/public/card_files"

run "ln -nfs #{shared_path}/system/card_images #{release_path}/public/card_images"




after 'deploy:update_code','deploy:symlink_shared'


  --Pieter Vijfvinkel.....Wed Dec 15 10:21:20 -0800 2010

very cool. Thanks for posting this. We should start a deploy library for examples like these.

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Wed Dec 15 11:16:15 -0800 2010

Ethan, thanks for your attention, best regards, Pieter

Using passenger 3.0: keep in mind the following path will do:



PassengerRoot /usr

PassengerRuby /usr/bin/ruby1.8







DocumentRoot /home/pieter/rails/wagn13/current/public


Options FollowSymLinks

AllowOverride None

Order allow,deny

Allow from all


RailsBaseURI /


  --Pieter Vijfvinkel.....Wed Dec 15 13:25:10 -0800 2010