Open Space camp/unconference on wiki and many other cool things — collaboration, community, etc. See for links to each event's wiki

Next one in Portland, early 2010 (or Australia this year?)


This year (2009) Wagn was chosen as the conference wiki software — see


There have been Wagn Demonstrations at the 2007 & 2009 Portland and 2008 Palo Alto RecentChangesCamps. Wagn was conceived at the 2006 RCC.

Also see ImminentChangesCamp.


Demonstration notes:



Wagn ran the conference wiki —


Idea to show other user editing when in a conflict.





Ludovic of XWiki:

Liked everything a card; also confusing, need to hide in some places.

Need custom UI in many places anyway.


Newton: Draw a diagram of relationship among: card, relative inclusion, Cardtype, forms




At RecentChangesCamp 2007 in Portland, we did speed intros.

Typical intro:
* Wiki is to word processing what Wagn is to database - users can evolve data structures over time, step by step, rather than having to sit down with a database designer, figure it all out in advance and be more or less stuck with it.
* cards rather than pages; each page has a bunch of cards.
* connections/connection cards - like fields of the card you're on.
* ease of editing
* data types, validation
* card types -> tag cloud when creating new cards
* ask if people want to play with it later, and invite them to on the spot.


Things we learned:

Some interest in

Dan Mendell suggested we look at

Prototype-based classification - George Lakoff, Eleanor Roche, Ludwig Wittgenstein
Antonio (Prototype-based categorization)

Ian Henderson? (Vendor Relationships Management) - defined human life in 3000