add ability to limit number of Pointer items




*max+*rform (soft) = blank but cardtype Number


X+*max is the maximum # of items in Pointers whose right is X.


When there are *max items, the "Add another" link goes away.



+*max doesn't yet work with multiselect or checkbox

If +*max has a value, how about some text like "Select up to N items." ?

  --John Abbe.....Sun Sep 13 07:44:07 -0700 2009



*max issue - In multiedit for list, not seeing "Add another" when i should, e.g. "Lewis Hoffman+listfun" (inclusions)

Ah, it's doing this even in mono-edit:

  --John Abbe.....Sun Sep 13 07:47:53 -0700 2009

also see add min number of Pointer items

  --John Abbe.....Sun Dec 05 03:24:39 -0800 2010

I think what we want to do first is move all of the handling for adding/removing fields into javascript. will greatly simplify things.

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Fri Feb 18 10:30:08 -0800 2011

so, move handling for field add and remove to JavaScript?

  --John Abbe.....Fri Feb 18 10:39:39 -0800 2011

maybe move pointer item editor to JavaScript ?

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Fri Feb 18 14:43:35 -0800 2011

+*max is a very desirable possibility!

  --Mike_Shock.....Sun Apr 03 21:38:17 -0700 2011

cool, thanks for letting us know it's valuable to you, Mike. We're doing some refactoring that should make this trivial.

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Mon Apr 04 08:29:27 -0700 2011

this will be *much* easier to do now

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Thu Dec 01 13:23:01 -0800 2011