Grammatically, sometimes you know you want one or the other, regardless of which one the name of the card is.




unless this is modularized, it would be a step backwards in i18n.

Let's come up with a tag for tickets that would involved creating a module (and it can't be Modules because that's for tickets about implementing modules, right?)

--John Abbe.....2013-06-30 03:11:25 +0000

we can use "pack".


Thinking a bit more about this, it occurs to me that we probably want these variants for titled, open, link, etc. So it's probably going to need to be done as arguments (keys, modifiers, whatever we call them) rather than separate views.

--Ethan McCutchen.....2013-07-09 14:59:28 +0000

or, would show/hide work?

--John Abbe.....2013-07-09 15:23:24 +0000

+relevant user stories