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add a submenu with significant related sets.



I notice that on "foo" there's an offer to see the rules for all "+foo" cards. Not sure how useful that is, but I do know that I'd like to be able to get to the rules for "+foo" from "bar+foo" which currently is not offered. What do you think? --John Abbe

We're currently making a fairly clean (and imo helpful) distinction between "sets of which X is a member" and "sets of which X is an anchor".


The former are available via the standard set interface (which shows all rules that apply to X). To show a separate listing for +*created rules on John+*created would be to show "most rules" right beside "all rules" that apply to it. This would be highly confusing. In any event, if for some reason you want to see just that set, you can navigate to it through that interface.


The latter are now handled by the rules submenu (they were previously on a dropdown in the options view).  As for going to +*created from *created, this is the exact case that Pieter brought up in the last Wagn Circle. Folks often look at a card that is predominantly used as a field and wonder how it works. The hope is that this makes that a tiny bit easier to figure out. In any case, if it's not on the menu, there's no easy way to navigate to it.


Currently the most glaring need on the "sets of which X is an anchor" front is "*type plus right" sets. I think from *created you should be able to navigate to, for example, User+*created+*type plus right. I basically haven't yet figured out how to make that fast enough (adds a db request for every menu rendered for a simple card).

  --Ethan McCutchen.....2013-03-31 15:09:56 +0000