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Interface improvements to menus, rules, settings, comments, and more


We've been steadily rolling out so many Wagn improvements since the Wagn 1.10 release, you'd have to be paying very close attention to notice them all.  Let's hit the highlights:

  • Based largely on feedback from our weekly Wagn Circle calls, we've honed the card menus (the ones that appear when you mouse over a gear icon) to make them both more powerful and more usable.  What you see on the menu depends on your Role and permissions, so to get a sense of what's there, you should experiment while signed out, signed in as a regular user, signed in as an administrator, etc.
  • One of the most powerful changes for Wagneers is the new structured card interface.  A "structured" card is one that is formatted by a *structure rule (formerly called "*content").  The menu on a structured card now gives Wagneers easy access to "edit > structure" or "view > structure" (and, of course, you can still get to these and all rules via the "advanced" menu item).   When viewing the structure, you now have simple navigation to configure all the inclusions on a structured card.  This was previously one of the most challenging parts of Wagneering.
  • For more casual users, the biggest improvement may be the "discuss" menu item, which now provides a convenient comment box even when the discussion card doesn't exist yet.  Comment boxes can now be wagneered to behave this way anywhere.
  • All users trying to learn Wagneering should enjoy all the additional help text that now appears as you navigate through the menu items, explaining concepts like "children" and "mates", for example.
  • Even very passive users will benefit from all the interface harmonization.  For example, the sign-up and invite-a-friends used to look a bit out of place on a Wagn, but now they look very much like normal card pages.  This will make life easier for skin designers, for whom we hope to have several new tools soon.  And it eases the transition to 2.0, when all of these things will be completely handled in cards.

There are lots of improvements under the hood, too, including a new content rendering system, a major database cleanup (including removing four tables no longer needed), and a new rule caching system that improves performance considerably.


Before you upgrade your Wagn to version 1.11, be sure to take note of the new and improved Updating procedure. 


More resources:


Please note:

As of this release, you will need to run to the following command for migrations:

rake wagn:migrate

(it used to be rake db:migrate).  For complete upgrade steps, see:

Standard Upgrade

1. Backups

Always back up your database and uploaded files.

2. Update Libraries

From your decko root directory run:

bundle update

3. Update Database

Run the following:

decko update

4. Restart your server.


Upgrade to Decko from Wagn

1. update references to “wagn” in file content

In your decko's root directory, edit Gemfile, config/application.rb, and config/routes.rb, and script/wagn, replacing “wagn” with “decko”. (Keep the same capitalization pattern.)

2. update references to “wagn” in file names.

From your decko root directory run:

mv script/wagn script/decko

3. continue as with Standard Upgrade


See above.


If your Wagn was NOT installed from a gem, then first check the Wagn version of your existing installation:


For version 1.10 through 1.12.6


  1. Create a new Wagn app using steps 1 and 2 from the installation section above.
  2. Copy config/database.yml from the old site to the new one.
  3. Copy the old local/files contents to the new files directory.
  4. If you have edited config/wagn.yml in your old site, make the corresponding changes to the new config/application.rb file.
  5. Follow the standard upgrade procedure above.


Upgrading pre-version 1.10

First update your Wagn to version 1.10 via the old update mechanisms, and then follow the directions above to then upgrade to the wagn gem.

 The benefit of the new process is that it separates the structural migrations from the card migrations, which should prevent the need for incremental upgrades in the future.


+tickets by status


in progress







There's also a lot of documentation that needs to be (re-)written or just hidden:


show and hide (or just add this to views?)

Related tab - made it a Basic card but self-formatted it as Feature, still need to hand-check links to it and update them

Options tab - updated and hand-checked references to it and updated them

Changes tab - renamed to history and updated, and hand-checked references to it and updated them

accounts - updated

Some out-of-date documentation is not very prominent, but may be worth updating:

Common Wagn patterns

How to use Wagn - browsing, etc.?

Cards on New Wagns



Thanks for gathering these.  I wonder if we should revive the documentation tickets?

 --Ethan McCutchen.....2013-04-05 


  --John Abbe.....2013-03-14 20:27:04 +0000

Thanks, John. Should we ticket documentation stuff, or just list it somewhere in the roadmap like this?

  --Gerry Gleason.....2013-03-14 23:08:49 +0000

Ethan, I had a question on #2 above which I think got lost in the shuffle.


Gerry, it's enough for me to have documentation stuff tracked here, but feel free to ticket. To be honest I haven't had/taken the time to even review the tickets in this release fully and se what other documentation needs updating. And higher priority of course is testing if/when I do get some Wagn time... --John Abbe

Maybe not necessary for release, but at some point I want to thoroughly go through the rules interface and give feedback - eg just now ran into +*options showing search results after saving, probably confusing to newbies without any explanation. (This only comes up because it's all so much better now than it was that there's a clear downhill path to it being super-clear and discoverable. In other words, great work!)

  --John Abbe.....2013-03-27 07:31:58 +0000

That would be great. I went ahead and closed several existing tickets, but that just makes room for more :)

  --Ethan McCutchen.....2013-04-05 15:57:09 +0000