I'm thinking float:left. Also, show the current user's image as part of the comment box interface (all of this as seen on Facebook; and OddMuse for the main part)



Ethan did a spike on Dwagn - see


That will get overwritten of course, so see the example below, but you'll have to imagine the css changes for now.


Anonymous+Image handles people who are not signed in, but what about people who just haven't uploaded an image yet?


Simplest thing is to put Anonymous+Image by their comments.


If we instead code the "add image" version as the default to new users' +Image cards (image+*rform isn't enough, as it's not invoked when accounts are created), then we get:

  • a Wagn-y invitation to upload your image right there, and
  • whenever you do upload an image, it will appear by all the comments you've added since this ticket's been done.

Downsides are:

  •  this requires a migration to avoid having existing Wagns developing a lot of ugly "ADD +USERNAME" inclusion thingies in new comments
  • if people delete their image we get the ugliness anyway (could code to make deletion always wind up with the "add image" image)
  • if we ever want to change the image later it would be another hard migration.



Ethan did some things with css to:

  • bring the image size down from small a bit
  • make it float:left next to the comment and the signature
  • hr { clear:both }
  • ??


I want to make this doable, but I'm not sure it should be default behavior.  Changing to idea.

plan for how to make this wagneerable in commenting overhaul blueprint.

  --Ethan McCutchen.....2013-04-05 17:37:09 +0000

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