Comment interface
Wagn lets you enable commenting on a card with a friendly comment box. User comments simply get added to the end of the card's content.


This is done via card permissions.  Anyone with comment permissions on a card will see the comment box.  Anyone with edit permissions on the card can edit all the content, including the comments, so that interesting comments can easily be reworked into the card's core content.


A simple example is our FAQ card, which has a comment box at the bottom that anybody can use (signed in or not).  If you look at the rules you will see that permissions are set so that "Anybody" can comment on the card.

view (options) not supported for FAQ

Right now you're probably reading a card called comments, which has a +discussion section at the bottom.  That has a little comment box on it too!  Many cards include commentable cards inside of them, typically with something like this:


(For included cards, commenting is only possible if the card is in open views).  Such discussion cards are all over  They show up on Ticket, Feature, Release, and other Cardtype all have comment boxes.


To let someone who is signed in be able to comments on a card, go to it's rules, click on the menu to the left of "...can comment on this card", select "Anyone signed in" and click "Save Changes".


There's nothing coded in to Wagn that makes cards ending in "+discussion" have comment boxes. We configured new Wagns to treat names ending in "+discussion" this way by using Wagn's structure feature. We built in a card called discussion+*right+*default and set it so that "Anyone" has comment permissions. Because of that formatting card, whenever a new card is created with a name ending in "+discussion", it will have commenting turned on by default.  But you could turn that off (for new cards ending in "+discussion") by changing the permissions on discussion+*right+*default. And you could have comment boxes on, say, new cards that end with "+talk" by creating "talk+*right+*default" and setting it so that "Anyone" has comment permissions.


  • You can't add comments to cards controlled by a *structure rule, but you can include a commentable card on them. For example the +discussion card below appears because "+discussion" is included.
  • If things sour in the conversation somehow and you get into some sort of who-said-what battle, you can always go back through the card's revision history (see its history).