adding new cards

Note: on most Wagns, you'll need to have an accounts and be signed in to create cards.  Wagneers can change this by editing the *create permission.


There are a several ways to add new cards in Wagn:

  1. via the navbox. Most wagns include a navbox at the top of every page. Click in it and type the name of the card you want to create. Wait a moment, and a menu will drop down.  When the card's name is unknown and you have permission to create it, an option to "Add" that card will appear.
  2. via links.
    • make a link to a card that doesn't exist yet by editing some other card.  In most Wagns the link's color will indicate whether the card already exists (in, links to unknown cards are red).  Clicking on such a link — for example, one that says name of unknown card — will get you the same offer to create a card as above.
    • A link to /new/Image will prompt you to create a new Image card.
    • /card/new will prompt you to create a card.  You'll see fields to add the name and choose the type.
  3. via inclusions.  Whenever you include another card that doesn't exist, you're prompted to add it.
  4. via the url bar.  Many old school folks like to type their card names directly into the browser.  Feel free!