How to create and edit links of various kinds as you are editing cards in Wagn:


Regular web & e-mail addresses


Web addresses such as will automatically be made into links, with or without the http:// at the front - so also works. E-mail addresses also become automatically clickable, such as .


Links within Wagn


To link to another card, type its name in double square brackets, so when you type [[Community]] and save it becomes community. Feel free to link to cards that don't exist yet! Such a link will show up red rather than green, and anyone who clicks on it will be invited to add the new card.


Naming Wagn links and regular web/e-mail links

Sometimes you want the name of the link to be different from the actual name of the card. For example, a card may have a full name like International Business Machines, but in the sentence you're writing you want to use an acronym, IBM. To do this, use double square brackets around the name of the card, and the text that you would like to appear, separated by a vertical bar (|). So if you enter & save: [[International Business Machines|IBM]] it will look like: IBM.

This also works for regular web & e-mail addresses:


[[|Grass Commons]] will look like: Grass Commons


[[|email us]] it will look like:


Link to card tabs, custom layouts and views, etc.


You can link directly to card tabs (changes, options, related, edit), apply custom layouts and views on the fly, and more by using special URLs. They will render as external links, but you can make them render as internal links by dropping the initial part, e.g. /card/edit/Documentation rather than, and you can even name it with something like edit the Sandbox — which renders as edit the Sandbox.


To learn about all of these special URLs, see web address for everything.





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