Wagn administration includes maintaining an installation of Wagn on a server, and tasks within a Wagn generally managed by people with the Administrator role.


The Administrator+links card is a good place to add information and links and information. Only Administrators can see it by default.


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Clearing the cache


Problems with the cache can result in people seeing different content on the same from different accounts, or even seeing different content from the same account at different times. To clear the cache, go to:

(your Wagn's base URL)/admin/clear_cache




captcha can protect against most non-human spam.


If you get an overwhelming number of obviously spammy Sign up, you show them all in open view and thus easily deny them all with a link like this: http://wagn/org/Account_Request+*type+by_update?item=open




Standard Upgrade

1. Backups

Always back up your database and uploaded files.

2. Update Libraries

From your decko root directory run:

bundle update

3. Update Database

Run the following:

decko update

4. Restart your server.


Upgrade to Decko from Wagn

1. update references to “wagn” in file content

In your decko's root directory, edit Gemfile, config/application.rb, and config/routes.rb, and script/wagn, replacing “wagn” with “decko”. (Keep the same capitalization pattern.)

2. update references to “wagn” in file names.

From your decko root directory run:

mv script/wagn script/decko

3. continue as with Standard Upgrade


See above.




Tickets related to administering Wagn