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can't reproduce

In IE8 on Windows XP, went to and made it a Pattern and clicked "Submit" 


The card was created, and i got the "Create Successful! Redirecting..." message but it didn't redirect.


After reloading, i got the adding interface when i clicked on "ADD +HEART", typed in some text and clicked "Submit" and the card was created, but with no content in it.


Even after reloading, double clicking in the "--" doesn't do anything. (Double-clicking in form-included cards with content works.)


Clicking on Edit for the whole pattern goes to edit mode, and when i click Save it seems as if it's working, but any content entered is not saved, and if content is entered in a card that didn't exist, it is not created.


No related Hoptoad errors.


"Submit" is intentional but probably temporary.  Makes sense in many cases where "create" and "save" are both confusing, eg registrations, actions, applications -- mostly cases where you can't see a card you've created.


Not sure what's going on with IE8, but we need to dig in.


ugh, this is weird. 


IE8 makes up about 5-6% of our traffic, the most of any IE browser, though it has the shortest visits of the 3.  Not that unusual of a pattern, but not a great one.

can we reproduce this? if so, we ought to fix this. it's kind of huge.

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Mon May 03 17:06:31 -0700 2010

Well, you're not crazy -- I tried this in IE8 and did see some weirdness, but it was very inconsistent. Most of the time things seemed to work perfectly. A couple of times things busted on multi edit. Never had any problem with creating or editing single cards in place.

So the good news is that IE8 is not so busted that people have been having horrible experiences for a long time.

But the bad news is that there definitely are some issues, and we can't reproduce them well enough to fix them yet.

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Tue May 11 12:11:40 -0700 2010