With some types, you may be not want to have to think about naming each one.  The *autoname setting allows for the autogeneration of patterned names.


To activate autonaming for the Attribute cardtype, we put some text and/or numbers here:

Then when you add an Attribute, Decko will automatically name it with what's there, and increment by one for the next time an Attribute is added.


Use the *autoname setting on any Set of cards. Enter the card name you want to be generated first.


  • The value of +*autoname is incremented when the page to add a card of that type is generated, whether or not the card is ever actually created. If they ever are not created, there will be gaps in the series of names.
  • If you want a card of that type that's not autonamed, you can hand-construct a URL such as http://www.wagn.org/tastiness?type=Attribute


Would someone mind adding an example here? I can't seem to get this working.

Does the above example help?

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Mon Aug 29 11:47:59 -0700 2011

Esp the above

"Another way to give someone an account is on the Options tab of almost any card, where you can click on "Add a sign-in account for |card name|". Enter the email address of the person you'd like to give an account associated with that card, and they'll receive an invitation email. People who have permission to make Invitations (as described above) can add accounts to existing cards."

How has this changed with the new permissions settings?

  --Brandon WilliamsCraig.....Sun Oct 09 22:40:43 -0700 2011

The link to add an account was gone at first (unintentionally), but should be back now for any card controlled by an *accountable setting that is "yes". Not clear what this has to do with autonaming though?

  --John Abbe.....Mon Oct 10 00:11:08 -0700 2011