The opportunity is to have a highly unified, configurable email system.  But there are challenges with each of the system emails:


sign-up email


notify someone of a new Account Request


This is probably the one we could do fastest, but

  • might have trouble making the from address use the creator's account.  It's critical that it be in there somewhere...


account info email

send someone their login details


This email is triggered by a weird pattern of events.

  • Sometimes it's not even a card creation (forgot password), which could make this tricky to do with flexmail at all  (or we might have to expand flexmail's repertoire)
  • It's usually sent immediately after a user card is created, though sometimes that's an invitation/approval, and sometimes its a signup.  Will that be weird?
  • the content is not just simple content -- it involves generating a new password

HOWEVER - this is the one we've gotten the most requests to customize.


change notice

notify watcher of a change in a watched card


  • integrated with interface
  • tracks action (update, edit, etc)
  • tracks subedits



I think we should try to move over the signup email pretty soon.


Perhaps we should explore the account info email and the change notice as semi-automated?



I think the signup email should be convertible now that we're making *email work.  That would be awesome if so.

we might be able to flexmailize 80% of the account info email if we use these tricks as stepping stones:


1. email config card is a star card (with codename)

2. we call that card from forgot_password in code until we figure out a better way to do it. (flexmail configuration, not entirely flexmail functionality

3. we make a way to add special text for the different contexts from which it's called (design needed)

4. we figure some way to make it include the newly generated password that does NOT allow you to go directly to that card in the browser.


man, that one is involved.

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Wed Mar 09 12:13:04 -0800 2011

Access to the sender email address is greatly simplified if we move +*account (user model) into cards.

  --Gerry Gleason.....Tue Feb 28 20:40:05 +0000 2012