default image inclusions to display inline






Can't imagine when someone would want content, but they could always do that explicitly. Would make doing inline images simpler, too (thought of this while writing nesting+Image). --John

what? If it's raw, then you can't edit it in place. I think I disagree here.

Please explain or close.

--Ethan McCutchen.....Wed Dec 10 12:39:01 -0800 2008

actually, in general I'm not even sure I want to advertise that there is a raw setting at all. I think "raw" should mean unrendered, not unadorned with a card slot as it currently does.

--Ethan McCutchen.....Wed Dec 10 12:40:17 -0800 2008

changed name of ticket from display raw to display inline

--John Abbe.....Mon Jan 05 09:52:29 -0800 2009

I think this is now the case -- since every inclusion is now defaulting to inline -- although I have a sinking suspicion that you may mean you'd like them to default with a float?

--Ethan McCutchen.....Wed Jan 28 10:08:22 -0800 2009

Nope, i like the default inline.

Minor issues (see ):

  • When inclusion is first saved:
    • text is light gray (blue when hovered over)
    • sometimes get view:open (e.g. when type set to Phrase on creation)
  • extra horizontal space after the inclusion (especially noticeable when it's followed by punctuation)

Probably makes sense to do what's easy then close this ticket and create new ones for what's left.


Love being able to set type on creation! Makes me want this directly whenever editing cards again, instead of having to click on the type submenu :-).

--John Abbe.....Fri Feb 06 23:58:58 -0800 2009



I moved much of this discussion to the Buggy interface after creating included cards ticket, where those issues seem to belong.

Perhaps the only thing to do here is test the horizontal space thing, which I think I fixed?

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Wed Feb 11 10:44:58 -0800 2009

Yup. Closing.

  --John Abbe.....Tue Feb 17 22:32:35 -0800 2009