1. We want to make sure that we're hitching ourselves to a project that us being actively maintained and developed.
2. Are there major annoyances we'd like to walk away from, or capabilities we'd really like to not have to implement ourselves?




We'll have to migrate customizations we've made (?).  any left? - chart comparing many editors. The only three I saw that are widely compatible and not proprietary are Cross-Browser RTE (Creative Commons attribution license), Ekit (Java, and the demo gave me a popup requesting access :-P), and Xinha (no development since June last year, seems sporadic but they've had other long breaks).


Here's a 2009 chart comparing a few editors that Drupal can use:


As for activity, that first chart has TinyME as "abandoned", but their github page looks reasonably active I suppose it would still be a good idea for someone to hang out in their developer forum a bit and see if the new team has their heads on right, but frankly I'm not seeing any viable alternatives. A quick search for a Ruby-coded HTML editor turned up nothing. --John Abbe

I'm on this, John. I wanna make a shiny new editor comparison chart or find one. I did find and I'm wondering if wagn could somehow get into that arena.

  --cquin.....2013-03-02 03:31:54 +0000

We're already there.

  --John Abbe.....2013-03-22 09:05:26 +0000


Tagged Wagn 1.11 in preparation for build link and inclusion editors --John

not related. this is about moving away from tinymce.

  --Ethan McCutchen.....2013-03-22 20:37:22 +0000

Which we still want to do, but it's no longer something we foresee happening in the near-term. It's not that we want a better text editor, but that we want something more akin to a page layout tool.

  --John Abbe.....2013-03-22 22:55:30 +0000

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