Wagn should indicate somehow that there is more content, and provide a way to actually show it. In the example the first inclusion is a pointer and there's no indication that there's a sixth item.



In the example, the second inclusion is Basic and ends with a "..." — we could add that to the Pointer, and in both cases make it a link to see the whole card?



fyi, this is same truncation as closed view.

--Ethan McCutchen.....2013-05-06 04:27:48 +0000

Figured. But in closed view I think the context (at least as CSS'd by default) usually makes it clear that you may not be seeing everything. Although come to think of it, the heuristic we're using for Pointers quite often leaves a lot of white space between the last item shown and the right margin, so ideally a solution here could also be extended to help make such situations clearer.

--John Abbe.....2013-05-07 07:19:31 +0000

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