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Inline Pointers allow much more compact layout; we're doing it by hand repeatedly already via CSS and it's a headache.


Not sure if this makes sense as the same view or a different one, but while Wagneering our Note i saw that i couldn't get the 'columns' to line up like a spreadsheet because the names of the cards varied. So now i want a one-line view for Basic/PlainText/Phrase that's similar to closed, but has no name, and probably doesn't need to even be openable.





It would be really nice to have a view for Pointers that worked inline, e.g. for status on Tickets.

  --John Abbe.....Sat Mar 28 23:28:54 -0700 2009

I did this using CSS.


I made a card type on my own wagn called Journal Entry, and I wanted tags on only those kinds of cards to render inline. Tags on other card types, pointer lists in general, and pointer lists rendered in any view but link, I wanted to keep in the default block-level list rendering.


The CSS snippet:

.type-JournalEntry .transcluded.type-Pointer[item="link"] > span > ul.pointer-list { display: inline; }

.type-JournalEntry .transcluded.type-Pointer[item="link"] > span > ul.pointer-list li { display: inline; }

.type-JournalEntry .transcluded.type-Pointer[item="link"] > span > ul.pointer-list li:after { content: "; "; }


A journal entry on my wagn showing off the tag styling.

  --Ariel Millennium Thornton.....Sat May 23 21:56:14 -0700 2009


We made some changes that broke Ariel's CSS, and made this even easier (this targets +tag cards, and uses colored backgrounds instead of semicolons because "after" & "content" don't work in some browsers):

.RIGHT-tag[item="link"] .pointer-list,
.RIGHT-tag[item="link"] .pointer-list div {
display: inline;
.RIGHT-tag[item="link"] .pointer-item a {
background: #E7F8D6;


--John Abbe

good idea, needs reformulation. it's not a view thing, exactly.

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Wed Oct 07 12:54:49 -0700 2009

How would you do this if not with a view? (Removed the thing about lined-up columns, was too unthought out.)

  --John Abbe.....Sun Feb 20 18:20:18 -0800 2011

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