improve new user experience



when you open a new wagn, it's not immediately clear what to try first, or how to move towards your goals.


This is largely about content, which is collaboratively edited in  Some of these depend on other tickets, but a lot of progress can be made without them.  Some initial actions that should be made simple and clear:

  • change the skin see ticket
  • update the logo
  • add some content to sidebars
  • link to / include  other cards see ticket



Note that we will be introducing super-simple cloud installation very soon (next week?), and so this would be hugely valuable.

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Mon Apr 30 22:39:36 +0000 2012

What's included in this for 1.12? The two linked tickets? (they're not tagged 1.12) Also, the logo has been removed from en anyway, so do we drop that here?


If we want *sidebar to be more prominent we could simply move it on up to the "Basics" section (replacing logo?)

--John Abbe.....2013-05-06 02:43:57 +0000

support skins is tagged 1.12, but, as you mentioned, the labelled view obscured it. Currently the link editors are on 1.13. en is in a transitional state, because I'm trying to get the css divided cleanly to migrate to the new skinning system.


We had a board meeting on discoverability and I've got lots of feedback to integrate. I'll be working on new content soon.

--Ethan McCutchen.....2013-05-06 03:25:45 +0000

most of this is done as of Wagn 1.12, but we're going to keep focusing on this in Wagn 1.13, so I'm changing the tag.

--Ethan McCutchen.....2013-09-10 19:51:57 +0000

What do you think about starting to experiment with sharing decks (subdecks?)? I'm thinking that there are the cards for core functionality that are what you get with an 'empty wagn', but users could add some canned decks with things like tutorials that would lead the user through the discovery of some set of features.


Seems to me we need to pioneer sharing wagneerable stuff (deck exchanges and deck libraries) before we tackle doing that with modules too.

--Gerry Gleason.....2015-04-30 13:59:40 +0000

We have the ability to load cards from json, so how hard is it to export decks out of a library so they can be imported?

--Gerry Gleason.....2015-04-30 14:02:15 +0000

Maybe we have that as Hands of Cards, but it seems like we might want to make a simple version of that happen sooner than the roadmap says.

--Gerry Gleason.....2015-04-30 14:15:12 +0000

this ticket is about improving user experience for new standard installations.

--Ethan McCutchen.....2015-04-30 21:29:03 +0000