Current: Wagn 1.15: (March 2015)


Soon: Wagn 1.16


Decko 1.0

 (Wagn will be rebranded as "Decko" as of the would-be-Wagn-2.0 release)

Two key goals remain:
  1. Make Wagn discoverable for new Wagneers.  A well-built Wagn website now offers a great user experience to readers and editors, and most folks who build them love the experience of using Wagn, but learning how to create Wagn websites (how to Become a Wagneer) needs to get easier.
  2. Make Wagn fully extendable for Wagn Mod Developers.  At 1.0, Wagn was basically just an app; Wagn could do what it could do out of the box and not much more.  With our new Mod system, Wagn becomes a full-fledged development framework. 

We'll also be making wagn easier to use in a wider variety of media, particularly mobile OSes.



Decko 2.0


The key theme of Decko 2.0 will be network. 


Some significant Blueprint are already proposed:

 Just as important, we'll be working to support a network of Decko Mod Developers and tools for helping them collaborate and share.