We want people to know that Wagn can have different looks, and put in a little work to offer them a way to make their Wagn look a little different. But we don't want to implement site skin card yet for Wagn 1.0.



So...let's develop a few skins that people can just copy & paste into *css (which we are doing for 1.0 - move most configuration options into cards).


Some things to work with:





note: the cards aren't all created yet, but there's a sample on sandbox.wagn.org.  This is "testing" because we're now testing the changes we coded to make this happen - by making skins!

I think that rather than spend time building a bunch of new skins we should start collecting ones we like (like the sandbox one) as we go. John, if you build a place to store those skins, I think we can close this.

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Wed Feb 11 11:20:07 -0800 2009

I did a quick adaptation of the sandbox theme for the Catcomm Wagn. http://wagn.generative-field.net/wagn/CatComm. I'm thinking it would be nice to Wagneer a Skin type on Wagn.org, with +css holding the actual css and a +screenshot.

  --Lewis Hoffman.....Mon Feb 16 08:52:54 -0800 2009

Collecting skins here: http://sandbox.wagn.org/wagn/Some_different_looks

I like the catcomm look better than what was on Sandbox, but don't see anything at http://wagn.generative-field.net/wagn/*css or http://wagn.generative-field.net/stylesheets/local.css - Lewis?


  --John Abbe.....Thu Feb 19 21:34:47 -0800 2009

Closed prematurely. Do we want to offer the skins on http://new.wagn.org/wagn/new (would simplify directions to renaming cards) or in wagn.org documentation that we point to from there (requiring copy & paste), or...?

  --John Abbe.....Sun Mar 01 02:01:10 -0800 2009

I don't think we want them in new wagn yet, but perhaps after they've matured.

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Sun Mar 01 16:02:57 -0800 2009

I moved what we have to Skin and linked from Config. Closing.

  --John Abbe.....Sun Mar 01 22:04:14 -0800 2009