Wagn 1.15

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bootstrap support, improved following, new "card" gem



Due out this Friday (March 26, 2015), Wagn 1.15 includes several major improvements.


The first and most obvious is support for Bootstrap.  Whether you're creating a new "deck" of Wagn cards or updating an old one, you will now be able choose from one of 16 pre-installed professional Bootstrap themes.  And, because Bootstrap has become quite popular, you can readily find thousands of more themes on the web (not all of them free, of course!) that you could apply to your Wagn site.   Bootstrap is known for its "mobile-first" approach, so not only will these themes make your site look better, they'll help ensure your Wagn site is responsive to many different kinds of displays.   Please be sure to pay close attention to Wagn 1 15+upgrade notes when you update, especially if you have heavily customized your site's layout/styling.


The second major improvement is to "following" cards.  It is now possible to follow any Set of cards: all cards, all User cards, all +discussions, etc.  Moreover, you can also restrict those sets to only cards that you have created and/or edited. 


The third one is a bit more subtle, but it gets us closer to a key functionality that many have requested: the capacity to install Wagn as an extension to an existing Rails application.  To the Rails geeks, this means "Wagn as an Engine".  The major improvement in this direction is that we've rearchitected Wagn to make this possible: all the card handling is in a separate "card" gem, the core routing has been abstracted into a separate engine within the "wagn" gem (soon to be renamed to "decko"), and the support for adding engines to rails sites will be housed in a new "decko-rails" gem.


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The software update procedure is the same as usual:

Standard Upgrade

1. Backups

Always back up your database and uploaded files.




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should really document how following works now.

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