Star Cards

Some cards names begin with a star (*).  These "star cards" are

  • referred to in Wagn's code, and/or
  • key to Wagn's default structure
Note that *title and title are two different cards -- the star leaves the name for other uses.  Also see an alphabetical list of all star cards.



Wagn configuration works by connecting Set (groups) of cards to Setting (configuration options). 


These star cards help form Set:

And these represent Setting:

Note that you can go to a Set or Setting card to see all rules associated with it.


Mail / Signup

These are used for flexible email and account-related emails.

The following configure signup communications, including email notifications and thank-you pages:


Related Cards

Each card has a "related" tab entirely configured through cards:



These cards are simple single card Config options:

These cards are included in the Classic Layout and have autogenerated content.
  • *head — required, goes in HTML head
  • *navbox — the navbox
  • *account links — links to current user's card, sign in/out, and signup
  • *version — current Wagn release
  • *alerts — where notifications show up, defaults to bottom-right corner
  • *foot — required, goes just before /body on page's HTML
These cards offer metadata about any card when plussed to them (eg Home+*when created)

These cards configure valuable searches: