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build table of rules for each setting



It's too difficult to wrap one's mind around permissions (and rules in general)



eg *create:

Set Class   -- ANCHOR------  Value (sort by this within set class)
all cards                                  Admin
all plus cards                          (inherit)                
                       Cardtype          Admin, John Abbe
                       Basic                 Anyone signed in
                       Bud                   Design Team
                       Flower              Design Team
                       Fruit                  Design Team



expand_less +discussion

Bada bing bada boom! fyi I retagged your "Wagn 1.0" to 1.11... --John

Nice! One tweak that would be nice - right now there's just a space between items if there is more than one, adding a comma or extra spaces would make it more readable. E.g. on*create for *content under *right there's "Administrator Anyone signed in"

  --John Abbe.....2013-03-31 07:19:49 +0000

that piece is just rendering the standard closed content view. Are you thinking that should always use commas? Might not be a bad idea...

  --Ethan McCutchen.....2013-04-02 21:55:52 +0000