integrate look of headers and titled inclusion





We have three ways to title sections — headers, open/closed view inclusions, and titled view inclusions. Would be nice to have more harmonization in their graphic design and functionality (e.g. when inclusion titles are acting like headers, one wants them to appear in the ToC).


Something like label:|alternate title| (where the alternate title replaces the actual name of the card) might help.


This ticket is more for discussion and design, will probly end up being several, more concrete tickets.


A related issue to consider in this conversation is the default view for search/pointer inclusions - see the discussion.


Also consider how any integration might look as we generate feeds.




titledsmall view for h2 headered inclusions






Re default view for search/pointer inclusions, i went with item:link in a lot of the stuff just because i thought it looked cleaner (and the closed view didn't add much info anyway). I also did this with Tickets by kind on the assumption that it would speed up the load time, and remember there being other times that i've had to type a lot of "|item:link". One consideration is what view we want to 'suggest' by default (i don't have a strong sense of this yet). Another outcome i'm shooting for is minimizing markup, to make a gentler learning curve for potential Wagneers.

--John Abbe, 24 Nov 2008

titled and open are now done in extremely similar ways, and styling them identically would be a snap.


given all the unification that's happened, I would say any outstanding issues should be brought up anew in new Idea or Ticket.

  --Ethan McCutchen.....2013-02-25 06:00:50 +0000

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